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Banding bucking bucklings

We’ve got a crop of early-developers.  I think our goat buck will hereafter be known as The Buckmaker.  Man, bucky-boy is fertile, ready, and he gives those qualities to his kids.  As in, barely 2-month old bucklings going into rut!

So, the guys we don’t want as breeding stock (all of this year’s crop so far, sorry guys!) had to get neutered asap.  We banded goats for the first time today.  Easy-peasy.  The only battle was on being held wierd, not the banding itself.  I’m a nervous nelly, I’ll be watching closely to be sure it went right (I double-checked and triple-checked that everything that should be in the band, is, and nothing else!).  Not one squawk of complaint about the banding, not even after.

But it was hard.  My heart was in my mouth and I was shaking after the first one.  Just terrified I’d mess it up in a way that caused hurt or harm.  And then the last one… he’s a good little buck.  Fast growth, good blood, good teats, GREAT personality, but I’d like to see a little… more.  Having another intact buck would be a hassle right now, and I need peace and time more than I need a “might be pretty good.”  So he got into the banding line.  I was shaking after banding him, too, with regrets and misgivings before I even finished the relatively quick task.  I had a steady hand during the task though, which was REALLY good, because the buckling jumped out of hubby’s arms with the stretched band around his, ahem, business, but not yet released into perfect position.  I managed to slip the bander off in mid-air.  I took a hoof in the nose as the buckling kicked for anything that might help him escape the discomfort of being held upright.

We regrouped, got the band on, and released the last buckling.  Not a pip of complaint from him.  Me, my nose is sore and my glasses are a little bent.  And, boy, the minute the job was done, I wanted to run for the knife to undo it.  I like that little buck.  But such is life.  There aren’t enough jobs for all the good bucks; only the great get the gigs.  But, I will be keeping his Mum and Dad, so if he grows into the powerhouse I think he will, well, maybe I can repeat the mating and get a second chance.

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