I worry

Maybe farming was the wrong choice.  I have all the worries of a mom – did they do their homework? are they growing right? are they healthy? – with the added worries of a business – are we making enough to pay the expenses?  Would we still make enough if we had to hire someone to replace me?

Unfortunately, you just can’t get a job as a billionaire heiress these days.  Talk about nepotism.  You totally have to know someone to get that gig.  So I guess I’ll keep muddling along as a worried farmer. 

Which is all to say – my goat gave freakin’ birth.  In this weather?  Remember when I said it was cold?  It is sooo not “gosh, the weather’s so lovely, I think I’ll plop out a kid today!”

Which is doubly incosiderate of her considering that 1) I hate hauling buckets of water around the farm in a freeze, and 2) I worry, so I can’t just snuggle up on my couch at the end of the day with a tiny new baby sitting in the freezing dang barn.  Oh, no, I have to hike over there and check on her (it’s a her! yay!).  It’s so cold, I don’t even enjoy checking on the new baby. 

And new moms need warm water for sure, milk is mostly water.  Earlier in the winter, I discovered that a warmed water bucket had been pooped in, the goats only had a bucket if clean COLD water to drink.  I guess it had been there several hours; our family milker came in empty.  A few hours without warm water, there was barely any milk to have.  Fortunately, we didn’t need her milk for babies, so no harm, no foul, just an object lesson in how important water is to lactating goats.

Well, anyway, new Mom’s doing great.  Baby – she’s okay, she’s got all the stuff she’s supposed to have, nothing she shouldn’t, she’s dry and got her colostrum and she’s not frozen or anything.  But I’ll worry until she’s at least a week old, or until the weather changes, whichever comes first.  And that’s on top of the mundane worries of the farm and the mundane worries of new kids. 

On the plus side, goat babies are really cute.  When I defrost, I’ll probably be very excited. 

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