It’s COLD!!

Between government and military transfers, I have literally spent my entire life as a transplant.  One side benefit: I discovered my ideal weather.  It’s called air conditioning.  Perfect temperature, perfect humidity, no risk of sunburn.  Okay, just kidding.  But this – this is not my ideal weather.  This is COLD.

Our watering situation sucks.  First, our well sucks.  Then, it connects to the house, and that’s all it connects to.  Water in the barn comes through a hose or hand-carried in a bucket.  Freezing weather means water hand-carried in a bucket.  So we’ve decided to start raising camels.  Freezing weather = use your darn reserves!  Ah.  I wish.  🙂

Which is to say, it’s freezing outside.  We didn’t expect it to be freezing.  I just came in from draining/disconnecting all the hoses so the hose nibs won’t freeze and burst.  The ground is covered in dead leaves covered in sparkling diamonds of frost.  The animals are all sleeping quietly.  I’m the only one putting up a fuss. 

On the plus side, it has frozen enough times that our animals have all been winter-tested, and my mother-instinct worries have gone to bed for the year.  It will probably warm enough mid-day to refill tomorrow’s buckets before tomorrow night’s freeze (if there is one).  We’ve got it down to a routine drudgery.  Keep the lactating goats in enough warm water to make the milk.  Keep the rest in enough warm water to stoke the rumen fires.  Open the barn door really fast, so I can catch a glimpse of sleepy goats curled up together before the morning chores kick into gear.  Then scamper through chores so I can go back and defrost before the next round of work begins.

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